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N W Potter & Co were one of the very first firms of Accountants in the UK to recognise the advantages of using ‘personal’ computers for the preparation of Accounts, Word Processing and Book-Keeping. In 1981, we invested a considerable amount (£8,000) in the ‘latest’ personal computer hardware and software which transformed our efficiency overnight, significantly benefiting our clients as well as ourselves. Over the years we have kept up with modern trends, where there were real practical advantages, and we have often been at the forefront of both optional and mandatory innovations offered by H M Revenue & Customs and Companies House in particular. The vast majority of Personal, Partnership and Company Tax Returns are prepared with our in-house software and filed on-line thus ensuring that calculations are correct and H M Revenue & Customs data files are kept up to date. We run weekly and monthly payrolls for a number of businesses using accredited software under the Real Time Information System including regular on-line communications to and from H M Revenue & Customs in respect of employee information. Virtually all Limited Company Statutory Reports & Accounts are prepared in iXBRL format for direct electronic filing at Companies House along with on-line submission of Annual Returns and other forms that are capable of electronic filing. Whilst we are easily able to cater for clients with little or no internet access, the vast majority of communication with clients in now carried out by e-mail and other on-line methods, even down to the sending of Tax Returns to clients for approval and receiving that approval by e-mail. We can already see what the future holds for us in both personal and business terms, with some really practical innovations, such as ‘The Cloud’ for Tax and Accounting applications, which is already with us. Whilst we must embrace progress, we still have to retain sight of the basics and remember that not all new ideas will provide the stability and continuity that we require.
“Tax needn’t be taxing” H M Revenue & Customs
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