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N W Potter & Co was founded by Norman W Potter in 1950 and after a great deal of hard work, the business grew steadily over the years, gaining new clients from a wide area and almost exclusively from recommendation. By 1971, the level of activity reached a stage where additional help was required and Geoffrey K Potter, Mr Norman Potter's son, joined the business and later became a partner. The partnership continued through to 1991 when Norman Potter died, but Geoffrey Potter has continued as a sole trader since then and the business has become well known and respected locally. The vast majority of new clients still come from recommendation and in some cases, we have several generations of the same family as clients. Although the firm is relatively small, our work is carried out with great care and attention. Whilst other Accountants often only compile Accounts from figures supplied by their clients, we like to look at the figures in more depth and obtain a better understanding of the results so that we can give our clients a more informed opinion of their performance and situation as shown by their Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets. We are genuinely interested in the business of our clients and will not take on anyone as a client if we feel that we could not offer the best service to that person or Company in respect of their particular needs. The business was located at Market House in Tadworth for over 36 years but recently we have moved 4 miles south to Betchworth Station. N W Potter & Co is solely owned by Geoffrey K Potter FAIA
"Good evening, my name is Kenneth Arthur Dodd; singer, photographic playboy and failed accountant!" Ken Dodd
Geoffrey K Potter FAIA
N W Potter & Co is solely owned by Geoffrey K Potter FAIA
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