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In common with other Accountants and Solicitors generally, our charges are based on the time expended on the affairs of our clients. In some instances, special rates may be agreed by arrangement prior to commencing work or the charge rates for particular assignments may be agreed on a fixed basis. In both of these cases, rates will be confirmed in writing before work commences. Although in recent years travel has become increasingly difficult and time consuming, where possible, we will endeavour to meet you at a time and place to suit you, and in most cases, such travelling time will not eventually be invoiced but may be included on our invoices in special circumstances by prior notification. Time is recorded in .25 hour units at the appropriate hourly rate on the day the work was carried out. Charge out rates are reviewed every 1st April and the rates applicable to the year commencing 1st April 2024 are -       G K Potter FAIA   - £95.00 per hour plus VAT       Seniors                - £70.00 per hour plus VAT       Juniors/Clerks     - £60.00 per hour plus VAT More details on charges and terms are available on request.
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